About Jenn@Dutch Bike Printing Co.

This is probably my earliest memory of being on a bike! I remember that sweater on my dad, and I remember being in the kiddie seat riding around the military base on the back of this bike, which was my mom’s. I’m guessing she was behind the camera.

I started Dutch Bike Printing Co in November of 2017 after being inspired by a throw pillow, which had a bike on it. I thought that I would like to print bikes on things, and after investigating different printing methods, I settled on screen-printing.

I found that there were not too many really “anatomically correct” bike prints out there for cycling enthusiasts, so I set out to design some! One of my first prints was the fatbike, and my first sale was to a cool friend, who is a fantastic mountain bike rider!

So fast forward to the present… I’ve tried to make bike prints that appeal to a broad audience – from those super-fast spandex clad folks, to my fellow mountain bike friends, and those who just love the bicycle as an art form.

Thanks for checking out my prints, and if you are looking for something custom, get in touch, and we can work out something fun!

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